Do you want to get more BEATS Peoples Choice Votes?

Try these 10 tips.

  1. Email all your databases with a message asking them to support your businesses.
  2. Cut and paste the” vote here” image  and  link into your email signature and your website.Peoples Choice button
  3. Make slips of paper or business cards to give to your customers friend and family with the QR code and explanation on how to vote.Peoples Choice Round 2 opens Aug 11 closes Aug 25 QR
  4. Put a note on the phone with the information you need to tell every phone call to vote for you. Have your script written and ready and by the phone so it is easy.
  5. Use your social media to promote it and get people to vote for you. Lead them to our facebook poll.
  6. Send another email and check whether they have voted yet. Remind them that the first round voting ends on August 10.
  7. Cut and paste the QR code to your signature or any marketing material you have.   NB. This code will only be relevant  until the end of the first round- August  10 then you will need to grab another.
  8. On August 11,  when Second round voting starts, repeat steps 1-5  and emphasize how grateful you are for their vote and how excited you are that you are in the top ten. Explain to them how imperative it is that they vote again and imply that they could get their friends and family to vote this time.  Please note, if they have already voted they will receive an email from us and we will remind them to vote again.
  9. Send another email and check whether they have voted yet.  Remind them that the second round voting ends on August 25.
  10. Don’t be shy and give gratitude for their support. Just Imagine being the winner of the BEATS Peoples Choice Award! It could be you! It’s your time to shine!

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